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Our terms & conditions

Domestic Bliss strives to provide its clients with a service which exceeds expectations. We will regularly ask for your feedback either through a courtesy call or by asking you to fill in a 'Client appraisal form'. This is designed to make sure you are entirely satisfied with your housekeeping service and asks of any improvements which you feel you would benefit from.

We ask for 1 months notice in writing of cancellation should you no longer require our services.

Retainer fees
We charge a retainer fee to clients for late cancellations. Domestic bliss very proudly has a team of very loyal and hardworking staff. This is only possible through mutual respect. Hours that have been promised to staff on a weekly rota basis are always honored so we ask that clients contribute towards covering their hourly rate in cases of late cancellations (at no profit to the company).

All Domestic Bliss housekeepers are fully insured whilst working on a clients property for any breakages and personal injuries. We have procedures in place for such eventualities.

Complaints procedure
All client feedback is welcomed and constructive, it is an essential part in communication your housekeeping preferences, however should there be an occasion where you are unhappy with any aspect of our service,  please don't hesitate to contact Anna Challenger on her direct line who will always make herself available to help resolve any matter as quickly, efficiently and diplomatically as possible. 

Key Holding policy
We are fully insured to keep clients keys on our business address property. The are kept in a secure key safe. Staff have access to this safe on the morning of each housekeeping day. On the rare occasion that a key is misplaced, the client will be informed immediately and Domestic Bliss will cover any relevant costs of security or replacement.

It goes without saying that it is a huge honor to be trusted to work in our clients homes and have key access to their property. Staff are forbidden within their contracts to discuss any clients personal affairs outside of work. Strong and immediate disciplinary action will be taken if this clause is breached. If a housekeeper has any concerns about a client or their welfare, they are encouraged to discuss this confidentially with Anna Challenger who will advice appropriately and contact the client if necessary.

Lone working policy
Domestic Bliss provides a 'service' not a 'person', although we provide a 'designated housekeeper', all staff work in partnership or small teams. Anna matches clients with housekeepers through the trial process of becoming familiar with a clients housekeeping requirements. We do our best to match clients with like minded housekeepers. Only on very rare occasions do senior staff occasionally work alone. This is to provide peace of mind for both clients and staff.

Christmas & New Year
Domestic Bliss is open for business and provides a reliable service which you can depend on all year round regardless of illness and holidays. We do however close for business for a week over Christmas.

Any other Business
If you have any questions about Domestic Bliss services and/or policies which you feel hasn't been covered in these terms and conditions and are relevant to your housekeeping please don't hesitate to contact Anna directly on 07860 639860.

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